Idol who explains why he doesn’t go on music shows

Idol who explains why he doesn’t go on music shows

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Victon Do Hanse

1. That’s why it’s called investing. You can’t become famous without appearing on music shows

2. Being an idol is either a success or a disaster

3. But I understand that idols who don’t make a lot of money don’t go to music shows, but why do idols who make a lot of money only do it for a week?

4. Debuting is difficult but even if you debut, it’s still very difficult to make money ㅠㅠㅠ

5. This is why the system is even more difficult for small and medium-sized agencies

6. But I think… if they don’t invest that much then that company shouldn’t nurture idols… Nothing in this world is free ㅜ.. I think it’s the company’s fault

7. That’s why you should debut under a big company…

8. Hul Victon ㅠㅠ… Isn’t Victon still popular?

9. It’s been 7 years of working without salary ㅜㅜ This is too much

10. I think this applies to most idols except the top ones

11. At the same time, do broadcasters get revenue from music and YouTube?

12. They work equally hard, but there are idols who earn billions of dollars every year while others work for free for 7 years…

13. I really hope that the small and medium idols will do well

14. If it’s 10 million won a week, how much does it cost to produce a stage?

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