iKON Bobby addresses fans asking for “OT7” + reveals B.I “abandoned” the group with sudden ‘withdrawal’ over “drug” scandal

Article: “He knows what he did wrong,” Bobby speaks out over conflict between iKON fans over B.I 

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Source: Herald Pop

iKON Bobby has addressed fans who are conflicted about former member B.I.

On the 11th, Bobby uploaded a photo on his SNS and expressed his thoughts to fans through comments. He stated, “B.I is my bro and I can honestly understand the feelings of fans. Even though B.I was a bad influence, I can’t stop my love for him. He knows what he did wrong. I love him as much you and let’s not forget he’s a good person. Give him a chance to make it up to you. Forgiveness is the most noble thing that a human being can do.”

“Don’t put in work for OT7 or OT6. I’m not trying to be political or anything. I’m just trying to let you all know how I feel. STOP THIS WAR.”

A fan that was hurt by B.I refuted Bobby’s comment. Bobby replied, “Actually, I have nothing but gratitude for iKONIC. I know how hurt iKONIC were and that you shed tears for us, worked hard, and tried your best to love us in any way possible. I mean he did abandon iKON, me, Chanwoo, DK, Song, Jay, Ju-ne. But after all the hatred that I felt for him, he had to make a decision because he didn’t want to be a burden for iKON. I decided to forgive him and show love for my brother again. I don’t know if we can collab ever again but I love him still.”

“He’s got his own life to live and iKON got iKONICS to make us happy. We do what we do. Love is the key to the whole thing. I’m not really trying to defend his behavior but I’m saying that we as iKONICs should stop. We have no feelings for that friend anymore. We’re just people living our lives. I’m sorry. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I know very well how much effort iKON has put in and shed every effort to improve its image.”

However, there are voices among some fans that supported the 7-member group including B.I and as a result, conflict arose among fans over this.

Bobby personally took steps to mediate the conflict between fans and expressed his thoughts over B.I. However, this time Bobby and some fans are at odds as he reveals his thoughts on B.I.