iKON Bobby Reveals Honest Thoughts Over BI’s Exit from Group: ‘But can’t stop my love for him…’

When iKON initially debuted in 2015, they were a seven-member band. However, in 2019, their leader B.I left the group amid a drug scandal revelation.

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Bobby’s recent Instagram comments have sparked discussions online as he opened up about this significant chapter in iKON’s history.

iKON Bobby Shares Heartfelt Message Expressing Love and Understanding for B.I

On September 11 (KST), Bobby posted on Instagram, sharing his thoughts and emotions. In one comment, he expressed his love and understanding for B.I, acknowledging his past mistakes.


(Photo : instagram|@bobbyindaeyo@)

Bobby’s heartfelt words resonated with fans:

“I feel you honestly, ’cause he is my bro. He did some bad things, influenced our next generation negatively, but I can’t stop my love for him. You know he understands what he did was wrong. Let’s not turn this into a commercial game. I love him as much as you do. Let’s not forget he’s a good person. Let’s give him a chance to make amends. Forgiveness is the noblest thing a human being can do.”

— Bobby

Bobby’s emotional comment hinted at his forgiveness and support for B.I. Fans immediately speculated that he was referring to B.I, which Bobby later confirmed. He also explained that B.I’s departure was a decision not to burden the other members:

“I mean, he did abandon iKON, or me, and Chanwoo, DK, Song, Jay, and June. But after all the hatred I felt for him, he made that decision because he didn’t want to burden iKON. I decided to forgive him and show my love for my brother again. I don’t know if we can collaborate again, but I still love him.”

— Bobby

Following these comments, Bobby addressed the reactions and emphasized that he just wanted to express his feelings, without taking a political stance on the issue:

“Don’t put in work for OT7 or OT6 and some. I’m not trying to be political or anything. I’m just trying to let you all know how I feel for whoever. STOP THIS WAR.”

— Bobby

Fans Applaud Bobby’s Forgiveness Towards B.I, Expressing Unity Among iKON Supporters

Bobby’s openness and willingness to forgive B.I touched the hearts of many fans who appreciated his honesty.


(Photo : instagram|@bobbyindaeyo@)

While the comments revealed the hurt he felt, they also conveyed a sense of healing and unity among iKON members and fans:

  • “Bobby only said he felt abandoned by Hanbin (as their leader & friend), but he realized that was Hanbin’s way of protecting iKON. So when iKONICs complained about Hanbin or IDs, Bobby defended him. He asked to move on, to love others and not fight anymore.”
  • “Y’all are mad because Bobby said he felt abandoned? THEY WERE ABANDONED. THE GUY LEFT AT FIRST LIGHT. He did not wait. Y’all are mad because Bobby said ‘bad influence’?? Since when is taking drugs a good influence? Lmaoooo.”
  • “People can twist his words however they want, but we all know how honest Bobby is with his words & his feelings are valid. That long comment for iKONICs, I appreciate it so much; it just further shows how our support, patience, & love for iKON the past years didn’t go unnoticed.”
  • “‘Don’t put in work for OT7 or OT6 and some. I’m not trying to be political or anything. Just trying to let y’all know how I feel for whoever. STOP THIS WAR.’ Bobby has spoken now. It’s about time we support them in their own ways.”

Bobby’s transparency has brought iKON and its fans closer together, offering hope for a brighter future for the group and its former member B.I.