iKON Bobby’s comments calling B.I a “bad influence” while defending a “drug criminal” rouse fans anger and cause controversy in Korea

Article: iKON Bobby, who defended ‘drug offender’ B.I again, even fans turned away

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Source: 10Asia

It seems that iKON member Bobby has once again summoned B.I who left on suspicions of drug use arousing fans anger and causing controversy.

On the 11th, Bobby shared his position regarding B.I on his SNS and stated, “He’s my bro so I can understand the feeling of fans. Even though he’s a bad influence on his juniors, I can’t stop loving him.”

He appealed, “B.I knows what he did wrong. I love him just as much as you. and let’s not forget he’s a good person. Give him a chance to make it up to you. Forgiveness is the most noble thing that a human being can do.”

This isn’t the first time Bobby has mentioned B.I. In 2021, when B.I posted a promotional post for his album on SNS, Bobby left a comment saying, “let’s go,” and B.I responded with a “heart” emoji showing off their continued friendship. 

Additionally, even a year after B.I had left the group, Bobby publicly celebrated his birthday by posting a video of B.I appearing on a music show writing, “I miss you, happy birthday.”

B.I who has resumed activities is currently preparing for a comeback in November. In the midst of all this, fans expressed their anger at Bobby’s sudden summons to B.I. Fans wrote, “Why are you bringing up the past that we had forgotten?” However some are supporting saying, “I understand his feelings since he’s a close friend and colleague.”

Fans retorted, “I understand Bobby cares for B.I but it’s a careless attitude to mention it in a public place. It’s not like B.I is no longer promoting so why are you asking for forgiveness on his behalf?”

Since he’s a public figure, and iKON that Bobby belonged to also suffered damage, it’s disappointing that Bobby mentioned B.I who committed a crime and defended him publicly on his SNS.

  1. Wow.. 
  2. What the..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  3. Why is he like that?…his thoughts are too careless.. is it that hard to stay still?!
  4. Ahh.. this is going to be hard for fans again.. he’s really stabbing fans. 
  5. I looked at his post with a serious face but burst out laughing because of how absurd it was.. 
  6. Didn’t he realize that this would only fuel the fire? Daebak.. 
  7. Because his mindset was never to be an idol.. he did premarital pregnancy while working as an idol in his group ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  8. iKON was back on the rise and attracting fans again when they came out on Kingdom even after B.I’s drug scandal broke out. But he went and did premarital pregnancy with some random woman. Such a great friendship between two kids responsible for the collapse of an entire group. He should be living quietly feeling sorry for members who have to endure his scandals!!
  9. Drugs aren’t a simple mistake but he’s treating like a minor happening. Who is he to ask fans not to fight over OT6 or OT7? Wasn’t he busy playing with women? I understand what he’s trying to say but it’s a situation that involves drugs!! Why is he asking us to forgive?! F*ck off. 
  10. 6 or 7, who is he to tell fans to quit their supports? Is this a comedy? Bobby and B.I have hurt fans so much, what is he doing? We don’t need your thanks, just stay quiet!!
  11. He has zero sense… seriously what’s wrong with him?!
  12. iKON also suffered from his antics playing around with women and doing premarital pregnancy?! You’d think he would’ve grown up as a baby daddy but he’s still childish ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. I get what he’s trying to say but his comments don’t fit the sentiments of Korean idol fans. 
  13. Fans are upset because he’s suddenly telling us not to fight when we’ve been consistently supporting them publicly on IG through all this.. 
  14. I get what’s he’s trying to say but this isn’t something he should’ve taken public.. of course fans are going to be pissed!
  15. Whether B.I or iKON, the fandom doesn’t think much of anything anymore ㅋㅋㅋ. Why is he acting on his own all of a suddenㅜㅜ? Jiwon-ah, let’s write this in a diary next time.

Additional source(s): TV Report, The Qoo