iKON’s Bobby shares candid thoughts on ex-member B.I, talks about ‘hatred’, ‘forgiveness’, and ‘love’ for him – Asian Junkie

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Former iKON member and current soloist B.I left the group back in 2019 due to a drug controversy that is amazingly still going as Yang Hyun Suk looks to wriggle off the hook yet again. While the members did previously open up about his departure back in 2022, Bobby took to the comments on Instagram to share some especially candid thoughts on what happened back then.

Not exactly sure what prompted this, but based on his comments it seems like fans were making a mess in his mentions or something and he wanted to vent on the situation a bit.

Predictably people are arguing over the exact language he used here to express himself, but I don’t see much that’s controversial. Bobby’s basically just explaining his feelings about the situation, during which he was seemingly freaking out due to fear that everything was going to implode, but then basically says that once things settled down he realized B.I was the same guy and he still has love for him. Seems … like a reasonable human reaction where people aren’t completely logical robots in the moment regarding potentially life-changing events. International fans want him to say B.I is a flawless angel or something, but for the Korean side of things Bobby is probably the one taking the risk here with not much to gain.

Perhaps Bobby’s only mistake is being too candid about it for K-pop fans to process — one of the benefits of setting out on your own, but a risk as well — but personally, that’s why I appreciated it. There’s a difference between “opening up” with carefully crafted statements on edited talk shows, and random spur of the moment thoughts, and this certainly felt as genuine as we’re ever going to get.