iKON’s Bobby Wrote Heartfelt Letter To Fans A Month After Enlisting

On July 10th, Bobby posted a handwritten letter that began with “How are you guys doing? The weather has been very sunny here and my mood has also been going back and forth between bright and cloudy”.

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ikon bobby letter

He continued, “Adjusting to a new environment is not easy at all, but as time goes by and when I was able to come to my senses again, 7 days already passed. I miss you guys so much”, adding “As I think about you guys, I remember many things that made me regret not treating you guys better”.

Bobby confessed, “After the flowers bloom twice, I will come back with a cooler and better appearance. Until then, you guys will also go through your own difficulties and hardships to grow and become greater people, or just stay as you are now is fine enough!! Please wait for me with a slightly sad expression!!”, adding “The important thing is you guys have ‘experience’! I hope you do fine in everything! I will pray for your days full of happiness and that you don’t have to struggle too much with the hot summer”

Earlier on April 4th, Bobby enlisted silently. The male idol, who got married in 2021 and has a son, is serving in the military as a full-time reserve soldier because he is raising a child.