Ilgan Sports calls out Hybe on media play

Article: ‘Ugly’ Hybe… the results of their incomprehensible media play

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Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

[+242, -51] If he wanted to turn his company into a multi-label so badly, then why not just let the other labels grow? Why would you try and cut New Jeans by going out of your way to create a copy group? I’ll never understand..

[+220, -40] Any logical company would never have behaved this way before New Jeans’ comeback

[+157, -34] Hybe needed to have handled this internally, instead they skipped the entire middle process and look at the harm they’ve brought to everyone because of it

[+117, -13] So does that mean it’s true that Hybe tried to steal New Jeans’ Apple contract away? 

[+62, -10] Hybe is no multi-label, they are just Hybe

[+27, -12] Hybe and Bang Shi Hyuk are never going to recover their image

[+22, -10] It is quite ugly

[+10, -4] Even lawyers are calling out Hybe’s media play…

[+6, -4] Bang Shi Hyuk and Park Ji Won are running this huge company like it’s some local convenience store, both of them need to take their hands off management

[+2, -1] The people who side with Min Hee Jin have all used their full names while the people siding with Hybe remain anonymous, enough said