ILLIT at the university festival

ILLIT at the university festival

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1. Wonhee is seriously so pretty

2. What did they wear for the pretty girls???

3. They’re so good at lip syncing

4. LE SSERAFIM also received good responses for their live performance at the university festival… Using handheld microphones doesn’t mean they didn’t lip-sync

5. Don’t they perform live at the festival?

6. ILLIT is a copy of NewJeans, right?

7. However, the responses are still good

8. What are those clothes?’

9. Do you want to criticize those kids?? Seriously… Anyway, Min Heejin and HYBE are just doing what they want to do

10. There are many people with mental illness

11. I don’t know anything else but I hope they stop copying NewJeans now

12. The comments are cruel. It seems like there are a lot of crazy people

13. Why didn’t ILLIT change the choreography? The original authors told them not to use it

14. It’s surprising that they even lip sync at festivals!

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