ILLIT Hive DNA Sparks Debate — Can They Outshine LE SSERAFIM & NewJeans?

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ILLIT, the latest addition to Hive’s roster and the third girl group infused with Hive DNA, made a splash with their debut showcase for the mini album ‘SUPER REAL ME’.

The event, hosted by Caster Jung Woo-young, took place at the prestigious Blue Square Mastercard Hall in Seoul’s Yongsan-gu, drawing attention to the group’s unique charm and potential.

The Genesis of ILLIT: From ‘RU Next?’ to Debuting Dynamism

ILLIT’s journey began on the survival program ‘RU Next?’ last year, marking Hive’s venture into cultivating talent beyond their established groups like LE SSERAFIM and New Jeans.

Composed of members Yoona, Minjoo, Mocha, Wonhee, and Iroha, Aillet embodies a fusion of independence (‘I WILL’) and uniqueness (‘IT’), symbolizing boundless possibilities and aspirations.

Member Insights: Passion, Gratitude, and Ambition

During the showcase, each member shared their thoughts on the debut and their aspirations. Minju expressed gratitude for the opportunity, promising to showcase her long-prepared talents.

Iroha conveyed excitement and determination for future growth, while Wonhee and Moka emphasized their commitment to showcasing Aillet’s vibrant persona. Yoona, with a background in dance and singing, expressed joy in joining Aillet and pledged continued hard work.

The debut album features four tracks, including the title song ‘Magnetic’, portraying the genuine emotions of teenage girls chasing love and excitement. Producer Bang Si-hyuk’s involvement in ‘Magnetic’ highlights Aillet’s connection to industry expertise.

Growth and Goals: From Trainees to Debut Stars

Reflecting on their journey from shy trainees to confident performers, Aillet members acknowledged personal growth and the support of their agency.

Despite being Hive’s third girl group, they embrace the challenge, aiming for music show victories and the coveted Rookie of the Year Award.

Chairman Bang Si-hyuk’s guidance on responsibility resonated with the members, showcasing Hive’s commitment to nurturing talent. Looking ahead, Aillet aims to redefine the ‘5th generation girl group’ narrative, showcasing their genuine charm and musical versatility to captivate audiences worldwide.

In recent news, HYBE’s upcoming girl group, ILLIT, has sparked controversy with their teaser trailer amid anticipation for their debut. Fans have accused the K-pop label of using generative AI to create the teaser, pointing out inconsistencies and incomplete illustrations.

Criticism intensified as evidence linking the teaser’s producer, Mooncube, to AI-generated content surfaced. Previous ventures by HYBE involving AI raise questions about the label’s creative approach. Despite criticism over the teaser and logo, supporters defend ILLIT, emphasizing the members’ journey and urging patience ahead of their debut.