ILLIT Participates in Overseas Interview Show Despite Members’ Lack of English Fluency

Recently, rookie girl group ILLIT has garnered attention for their participation in an online interview on iHeartRadio to promote their new song and future plans. However, what surprised many was the group’s difficulty in communicating in English, the primary language of the program.

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Apart from introducing themselves in basic English, with questions prepared beforehand, the group responded to all inquiries in Korean. This made the interview rather awkward and unnatural. When asked open-ended questions, ILLIT members became flustered and unable to answer fluently, prompting the host to “save the day” by asking different questions or summarizing the content.

This communication mishap has sparked mixed reactions among netizens. Many fans expressed their concern for ILLIT as the group faces challenges in interacting with international audiences. They believe this is a significant limitation for a K-Pop group aspiring to expand their career in the overseas market.

Some K-Pop fans even sarcastically mentioned Youngseo, the only member known to have good English proficiency, who was eliminated from ILLIT before their debut. They argued that if Youngseo was still part of the group, ILLIT would have had no trouble communicating during the interview.


ILLIT’s decision to participate in an English interview despite their lack of fluency has raised questions about their management company’s promotional strategy. Many believe this was an ill-advised move, causing the group unnecessary controversies and tarnishing ILLIT’s image in the public eye.

However, others argue that this was just a minor interview and that ILLIT should not be judged too harshly. They believe the group still has time to improve their English skills and will gradually gain more confidence in communicating with international audiences in the future.

Currently, ILLIT is still in the early stages of their career and needs time to learn and develop. Hopefully, the group will soon overcome their language barriers and achieve greater success in the future.