ILLIT Thanks BELIFT Lab & HYBE Amid Drama With ADOR

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HYBE’s latest rookie girl group, ILLIT, showed off their confident energy even after their agency, BELIFT Lab, was accused of copying NewJeans’s concept by ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin.

Previously, ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin accused HYBE Labels of copying NewJeans’s concept for ILLIT. This comes after HYBE Labels called for an audit after finding supposed proof that Min Hee Jin was using underhanded methods to usurp the total management rights of ADOR and NewJeans.

With netizens keeping a close eye on ILLIT, their latest action drew much attention. Keep on reading for all the details.

ILLIT Thank BELIFT Lab & HYBE During Radio Show Appearance

On April 24, 2024, ILLIT members Yuna, Minju, Mocha, and Wonhee appeared on SBS Radio Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” and shared their recent updates. Member Iroha was unable to participate due to personal reasons.

On this day, member Yunah expressed her gratitude to her company when congratulated for winning first place with their title track “Magnetic” on several music programs, saying, “I want to thank the company once again.”

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Remaining bright and positive, Yunah continued by saying, “To the members of BELIFT Lab (a subsidary under HYBE), we know how much effort went into our album. That doesn’t change, and we’re really proud of it.”

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Yunah then thanked HYBE for helping ILLIT, saying, “Also, to all the members of HYBE, thank you for consistently believing in and supporting us. We will work even harder in the future.”

Minju then spoke about how it feels to see their songs climb the charts. She said, “It feels so surreal and dreamlike that our songs have climbed the charts. We’re living with a grateful heart.”

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When asked if ILLIT also streams their own songs, Yunah replied, “When I shower, I play our songs, and Minju keeps playing the entire mini-album.”

ILLIT Garners Attention For Thanking HYBE Amid Feud With ADOR

Such remarks from ILLIT attract attention following Min Hee Jin’s statements. Min Hee Jin recently dragged ILLIT into controversy by claiming the reason for her feud with HYBE was because the company, alongside their subsidiary BELIFT Lab, copied NewJeans concept for ILLIT’s debut.

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On April 22, 2024, HYBE initiated an audit against ADOR representative Min Hee Jin and co-CEO Mr. A. Suspicions arose that they were attempting to seize control and become independent from the parent company, HYBE. HYBE demanded a shareholders’ meeting against them and sent a letter requesting the resignation of Min Hee Jin from her CEO role.

In response, Min Hee Jin released her own statement. She was unable to hide her anger towards the situation, even using the derogatory term “NewJeans’ offspring” in reference to ILLIT.

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According to several reports on April 24, Min Hee Jin and others sent a response to HYBE before 6 PM, the deadline for answering the audit regarding the “suspicion of taking over management rights” that HYBE claims to have proof of.

Min Hee Jin stated that if the response content is to be made public, she will take legal action.