ILLIT’s agency copied NewJeans too much

ILLIT’s agency copied NewJeans too much

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They not only copy designs but also promotions and activities

Logo font design

Design of album covers and stickers

2D illustration concept

MV credit form

Highlight choreography

Fashion event before debut

COEX advertisement after debut


(For reference, there is also another girl group from HYBE)

First magazine cover after debut (Elle)

First group advertisement after debut (SKT vs KY Y)

Hanbok photos on holidays

1. It gave me goosebumps

2. Where has their conscience gone?

3. Are they a Chinese group?

4. I thought they were all NewJeans..

5. Is it China? It’s disgusting that they copy everything without any shame

6. They copied everything, but the quality was really bad

7. It’s like seeing a group in Southeast Asia imitating the stage, costumes, and songs

8. The difference in quality is too big

9. Lately I don’t listen to ILLIT’s music anymore and I also want to boycott them

10. I thought they were the same group

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