ILLIT’s creative director is sniping at Min Heejin on Instagram?

Instagram story of ILLIT’s creative director

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1. Why did you post this??? I don’t understand ㅠ

2. ILLIT is an idol group created by someone who is weird and less talented than you think

3. I think Min Heejin must have had a hard time fighting with stupid but greedy people

4. What do you mean? I’m a fan of director Koreeda but when I watched NewJeans’ MV, I didn’t remember anything. What’s wrong with that person?

5. Why are you doing this? Instead of doing it on Instagram, hold a press conference

6. I don’t know who this person is, but I know this person is an idiot

7. If you want to attract attention, you must tag Min Heejin on Instagram

8. If I were a fan of ILLIT, I would want to shut down that director’s Instagram

9. I can imagine the environment Min Heejin is working in. I can imagine how she endured all that disappointment

10. What do you plan to do with ILLIT’s next album?

11. Then you can go out and hold a press conference

12. They don’t look similar at all… stop it… it’s not even your work

13. Min Heejin must have had a hard time…ㅠ

14. It reminds me of SNSD’s photo (this one also features Min Heejin)

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