ILLIT’s Vocal Prowess Except One Stuns Netizens in Encore Performance — Guess Who

After their triumphant debut victory on The Show, ILLIT emerged as a rising force in the fiercely competitive world of K-pop. With their infectious energy, captivating stage presence, and powerhouse vocals, the girl group swiftly captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

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However, their journey was far from over as they faced their next challenge: the encore stage. As the spotlight shifted to their encore performance, anticipation ran high among fans and industry insiders alike.

The encore stage, devoid of the safety net of backing tracks, served as a true test of ILLIT’s vocal prowess and live performance abilities. With expectations soaring, all eyes were on the group as they stepped onto the stage once again.

Intense Scrutiny on Live Singing Skills

For ILLIT, the encore stage represented more than just another performance—it was a chance to prove their mettle as bona fide artists. Unlike pre-recorded music show performances, where imperfections can be smoothed over in post-production, the live setting left no room for error.

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Every note, every harmony, and every vocal run would be laid bare for all to hear.

As the music began to play, ILLIT launched into their performance with gusto, delivering a dynamic rendition of their chart-topping hit.

Despite the absence of backing tracks, the group’s vocals soared with confidence and precision, captivating the audience from the first note to the last.

Netizens Mixed Reactions

Following the encore performance, netizens wasted no time in sharing their thoughts and opinions on online forums and social media platforms.

While many praised ILLIT for their impressive vocal abilities and stage presence, others were quick to offer constructive criticism.

Among the discussions, one member’s vocals emerged as a focal point of admiration and debate.


Here’s what KNetz are saying:
It’s good that you sang with confidence, but let’s practice a little more.
Moka’s kind of severe… It’s because she’s nervous, right? Minju did better than expected, and her vocal color is good to
 I can only pay attention to how the girl on the end has her hair tied on only one side.
The one in the middle is the prettiest and also sings the best.

Apart from Moka, everyone else is fine. Moka’s [skills are] already pretty obvious in the original track… She’s good at performing apart from singing though… Minju has been good since R U Next? so I’m at peace listening to her.

Minjoo is doing well..

I don’t know if it’s a song or not, except in the middle.

Minju is doing well and Yoona is also fine.

Min-joo is doing well and Won-hee is better than expected.

Except one person is doing well.

Mocha… your singing skills are seriousㅠㅠ

The second one from the left is really a total reformer hahahahahahahahaha…really…

Only the middle and far right sing.

Who was the first member to sing? He’s good at it 

My friend Min-joo is really good, right? It’s not that he’s good, he’s really good. That’s what he does on The Show. 

Doing well in the middle 

With their soulful tone, impeccable control, and emotive delivery, this standout member left a lasting impression on netizens, sparking speculation and excitement among fans eager to uncover their identity.

Unveiling the Standout

As discussions continued to unfold, fans eagerly speculated on the identity of the standout member, dissecting every aspect of the performance in search of clues. From vocal nuances to stage presence, every detail was analyzed in the quest to uncover the truth.

(Photo : Instagram)

In the end, whether it was Minju’s soulful resonance, Moka’s commanding presence, or another member’s unexpected brilliance, one thing was clear: ILLIT had once again proven their prowess as a formidable force in the world of K-pop.