ILLIT’s Wonhee Reports Malicious Comments Live; Belief Lab Takes Legal Action

On the 10th, the agency of the group ILLIT, Belief Lab, posted a statement on the fan communication platform Weverse titled “Legal Action Regarding Infringement of Artists’ Rights.”

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Belief Lab stated, “We have taken legal action against those who have written malicious posts defaming, insulting, sexually harassing, spreading false information, and making malicious slander about ILLIT,” and explained, “Even though ILLIT is a rookie group that debuted only three months ago, the nature of the malicious posts directed at them is extremely malicious and severely excessive.”

illit wonhee

They continued, “We have judged that strong legal measures are urgently needed to protect our artists,” and added, “Accordingly, since their debut, we have been collecting evidence of malicious posts and comments from all domestic and international channels and have submitted complaints to investigative agencies.”

Regarding the results of the legal action, they said, “We have filed complaints with the police against hundreds of defendants, and the investigation is currently ongoing,” and “We will continuously gather evidence of malicious posts and regularly file complaints.”

Finally, Belief Lab provided information on how to report malicious posts and comments, signaling their active legal response against malicious commenters.

Previously, ILLIT was embroiled in controversy over allegations of plagiarism of the group NewJeans, amid a conflict between Adore CEO Min Hee-jin and HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk.

min hee jin

As the controversy grew, malicious comments targeting ILLIT poured in. In response, member Wonhee showed a serious expression during a live broadcast commemorating the 50th day of their debut, appearing to report malicious comments directly.

On the same day, Belief Lab also actively clarified the plagiarism allegations against ILLIT raised by CEO Min and filed a lawsuit against her. They stated, “Belief Lab has additionally filed a civil lawsuit today to hold CEO Min accountable for the damage suffered by our artists and Belief Lab members due to the stigma of plagiarism.”

They continued, “CEO Min belittled HYBE Labels’ rookie group as ‘imitations’ or ‘knock-offs’,” and criticized, “She invalidated the time of the victims who had to endure criticism due to her remarks.”