Im Chang Jung’s girl group Mimiirose looking for a fresh start elsewhere

Article: Im Chang Jung’s group Mimiirose that he sold ‘Soju Hanjan’ copyright to fund is leaving his agency

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Source: Insight via Instagram

[+710] He could live such an easy and lavish life just focusing on his singing and acting, things he’s already good at, so why does he keep acting greedy for more and ending up with failed business ventures as a result of it…

[+226] Their name was too childish to start withㅠ

[+169] He needs to stop being greedy… things like copyrights to your own song are things you can live off of your entire life, why would you give that away

[+386] Now he’s really going to want a shot of soju ㅜ

[+157] Why would you sell a song that would give you money for life

[+292] The group was doomed from the moment they were named Mimiirose;;

[+46] Put all your worries aside, he’s still better off than all of you

[+4] Chang Jung hyung just needs to stay away from producing.. he could’ve just invested his money in a professional producer and left it to the experts