Im Siwan Kept ‘Squid Game 2’ Participation a Secret from Me

Kwanghee has revealed a story about feeling betrayed by Lim Siwan

On September 16th, a video with Kwanghee’s appearance was released on the web entertainment channel ‘DdeunDdeun.’

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Kwang hee

Kwanghee recently shared updates about diligently studying English. When Ji Sukjin asked, “Are you trying to go global?” Kwanghee responded, “I have a habit of calling Siwan and trying to teach him something. Siwan knows that, but he accepted it well. Last winter, I told him, ‘Get ready to go abroad. Study English globally.’ But when news came out that he’s joining ‘Squid Game 2,’ I felt embarrassed. You knew, but you kept quiet, didn’t you?” and laughed in anger.

Kwang hee

Ji Sukjin reacted, “It would be strange if he said he’s joining ‘Squid Game 2,’” and Im Siwan explained, “There were certain unspoken circumstances that I couldn’t talk about.”

Source: nate