Im Siwan Lowers Body Fat Percentage to 6% for New Movie “Road to Boston” 

Im Siwan has revealed his impressive efforts for the movie “Road to Boston.”

On September 11th, a press conference for the movie “Road to Boston” was held in Seoul. Director Kang Haegyu and actors Ha Jungwoo, Im Siwan, and Kim Sangho were present at the event.

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im si wan 1947 Boston

“Road to Boston” follows the story of marathon runners who first wore the Taeguk mark and competed in international competitions after the liberation of Korea in 1947. The movie is based on true stories.

Ha Jungwoo plays Sohn Keechung, the marathon coach who rigorously trains athletes to represent Korea in international competitions, finally wearing the Taeguk mark in 1947. Im Siwan portrays the national team marathon runner Seo Yunbok, who endures relentless training with determination and grit.

im si wan 1947 Boston

Im Siwan expressed his thoughts on portraying a real-life character, “I approached the role with a sense of responsibility. Seo Yunbok was the first to wear the Taeguk mark and represent our country in an international competition. At least during my time working on this movie, I felt like I should also wear the Taeguk mark and represent the nation.

im si wan 1947 Boston

Im Siwan revealed that he lowered his body fat percentage to 6% for his role as a marathon runner. He explained, “Because it was a running role, I needed to look professional in running. I received professional training two to three months before filming started. Throughout the filming, I consistently learned and trained from coaches in the middle of shooting and during breaks.”

“Road to Boston” is set to be released on September 27th.

Source: wikitree