Im Siwan’s Once Upon a Boyhood Kdrama Release Date, Characters and More Revealed

As one of the hidden gems in the lot, Im Siwan has always been a surprising underrated actor, and to demonstrate his versatile capabilities again, he’s ready to grace our small screens with his new Once Upon a Boyhood Kdrama (소년시대) releasing this month. Much like how we just defined his acting prowess, his Korean drama series was formerly known as The Hidden Dragon or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, which correlates to the Chinese idiom, meaning “hidden or unrealised talent”. This fitting interpretation extends to the South Korean actor-singer’s latest character too. Wondering how? We’ll soon get to that part in this article!

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Siwan’s upcoming series follows his recent feature as the lead role in the biographical sports film of 2023, Road to Boston. Also known for his significant roles in shows like Run On, Hell is Other People / Strangers From Hell, Summer Strike, and more, in addition to his antagonistic role in the Netflix film, Unlocked, the Boyhood actor is also billed as a new entry for the 2024 series, Squid Game Season 2, following up on the hit global sensation of 2021. But retracing our steps back to the first order of business, his November 2023 K-drama is a youth comedy thriller project that will bowl us over with all the fun it’s planned for us ahead.

Im Siwan Once Upon a Boyhood Kdrama

Once Upon a Boyhood Kdrama Episode 1 Preview

Once Upon a Boyhood Plot

Set in the 1980s, the series takes us back to an agricultural high school in Chungcheong Province, but before that, it focusses on Jang Byeong-tae, the wimp of South Chungcheong’s Onyang. There, he suffers the worst of things, being at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Eventually, he transfers to Buyeo Agricultural High School, in hopes of better things. As soon as he reaches there, he finds himself at the centre of an unprecedented fix, that somehow work out in his favour and overturns the old pecking order and his position in it. More mayhem follows, when possibly the true bearer of the title mistakenly conferred on Siwan’s character walks in as the second new student.

The youth drama will also bring attention to the personal lives of farmers living in that olden era. Charging high on the nostalgic scale that’ll round up some good comedy, Boyhood will simultaneously lend us an eye into the secretive and suspense-filled stories of the people living in the province. Going back to the former title of the series, in this way, both Siwan’s character and the farmer stories will open up to new possibilities, revealing that nothing and no one should ever be underestimated, because the surface may not always openly display special hidden talents lying underneath.

Im Siwan Once Upon a Boyhood Kdrama - Lee Sun-bin

Once Upon a Boyhood Cast

Directed by Lee Myung-woo and written by Kim Jae-hwan, the South Korean action web series stars Im Siwan in the titular role, as he’ll be playing the role of Jang Byeong-tae, who’s transferred to a new school. Joining him in the leading cast, Lee Sun-bin will be Park Ji-young, the “Black Widow of Buyeo”, Lee Si-woo plays Jeong Gyeong-tae, the “White Tiger of Asan”, and Kang Hye-won will be coming in as Kang Seon-hwa.

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Once Upon a Boyhood Character Posters

Once Upon a Boyhood Episode List

The Im Siwan Boyhood Kdrama is expected to have a 10-episode run.

Where to Watch Once Upon a Boyhood

The 2023 K-drama title will be available to watch on the South Korean subscription-based streaming service Coupang Play.

Once Upon a Boyhood Release Date and Time

The first episode of the web series will premiere on November 24, 2023, at 8 PM KST on the streaming service Coupang play.

Watch the Once Upon a Boyhood Trailer

YouTube video

The new series will reportedly air on the OTT streamer every Friday.

Will you be watching the new Im Siwan 2023 drama title this week? Let us know your thoughts on the new Korean series’ premise in the comments section below.

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