Im Soo Jung Reveals Downside of Working Without Manager: ‘I take public transportation’

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Im Soo Jung talks about the changes in her life, especially with her career now that she is working as a free agent.

For her guest appearance in tvN’s entertainment show “You Quiz on the Block,” promoting her upcoming movie “Single in Seoul,” the actress mentioned the highs and lows of working without an agency.

As mentioned by a media outlet, Im Soo Jung revealed that she has not had an agency or manager for quite some time.

Due to this, she is doing everything by herself, including handling her schedules and more.

Im Soo Jung on Working Without Manager

Appearing in her first entertainment guest appearance since her debut, the 44-year-old actress mentioned that it’s been a year since she worked without a manager.

Im Soo Jung

(Photo : Im Soo Jung’s Instagram)

According to her, working as a free agent wasn’t planned, but she thinks that she might stay like that for a while.

“I didn’t plan to work alone, but I wanted to spend some personal time,” she said, talking about why she continued to become a free agent.

Despite the changes in her career, Im Soo Jung shared the highlights of 2023.

“I happened to experience a lot of big events this year. I went to the Cannes International Film Festival, and I ended up appearing on “You Quiz.”

Yoo Quiz on the Block

(Photo : Yoo Quiz on the Block)

According to Yoo Jae Suk, they were surprised to hear that she agreed to be a guest on the show since she had never appeared in any entertainment show since she made her debut.

Im Soo Jung Shares Why She Loves Taking Public Transportation

As Im Soo Jung talks about how she manages her workload, host Jo Se Ho asks her how she got to the filming set, to which the actress replies that she took a cab.

Yoo Quiz on the Block

(Photo : Yoo Quiz on the Block)

“I usually use public transportation, and sometimes I drive myself,” she said.

The actress also mentioned that she often prefers to use public transportation to manage her schedule.

Other than Im Soo Jung, fellow actress Lim Ji Yeon also shared that she sometimes uses trains to go from point A to point B.

She tells Vogue Korea that she would do underground shopping in Gangnam station, and to blend seemingly into the crowd, she would cover herself whenever she’s out and about on public transportation.

Im Soo Jung Stars in a New Rom-Com Movie With Lee Dong Wook

'Single In Seoul' Poster

(Photo : Lotte Entertainment Instagram)
Lee Dong Wook, Im Soo Jung

Im Soo Jung’s guest appearance in TVN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block” comes before the premiere of her comeback movie “Single in Seoul.”

Taking on the role of Joo Hyun Jin, an editor-in-chief at a publishing company, she met the popular essayist and influencer Park Young Ho (Lee Dong Wook) while working on the project “Single in the City.”

The upcoming movie is scheduled to hit the screen on November 29 and is directed by Park Bum Soo of “Genie.”