“Immediately Making a Comeback after Receiving Military Exemption?” Seventeen S.Coups Faces Intense Debate Over His Activities

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The online community is divided over SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups’ military exemption.

According to a report by Xsports News on the 1st, S.Coups’ military exemption was revealed.

His agency, Pledis Entertainment, stated, “S.Coups received reconstruction surgery for the anterior cruciate ligament and lateral collateral ligament. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation and has been classified as Grade 5 in the military physical examination.”

S.Coups had been focusing on rehabilitation and taking a break after undergoing surgery for a knee injury in August last year.

Recently, the agency announced that S.Coups’ injured area had improved after consistent treatment and sufficient rest, stating, “Medical experts have advised that he can handle scheduled activities without straining his body.”

As a result, S.Coups is expected to participate in SEVENTEEN’s concert scheduled for the 30th and 31st of this month, as well as their comeback in April, continuing his active participation in activities.


Following the news, there has been intense debate online, with some questioning whether it is appropriate for S.Coups to resume his comeback activities immediately after receiving a military exemption due to a serious injury, even to the extent of being unable to serve as an alternative service.

Supportive fans have expressed, “As long as he doesn’t strain himself too much, it’s okay to dance,” “The company will manage it appropriately,” and “He has been managing his health while missing SEVENTEEN’s activities, so he should be able to participate in the comeback.”

On the other hand, skeptical voices argue, “Does it make sense to come back immediately after being exempted?” “Even if he received military exemption, it wouldn’t look good if he comes back to dance and perform without any issues,” “He will be labeled for life, so does he really need to resume activities now?” and “Wouldn’t it be better for him to focus on rehabilitation while taking a break?”

S.Coups was born in 1995 and is currently 29 years old. He debuted with SEVENTEEN in 2015. With S.Coups’ military exemption confirmed, attention is also drawn to the military service obligations of other members born in 1995, such as Jeonghan.

-Personally, I think it’s okay for him to resume activities, but I can’t help what others say.

-But… Wouldn’t it be better for him to fully recover before resuming activities?

 ㄴBut what’s the standard for “fully recovered” if medical experts have given their opinion?

 ㄴI heard that cruciate ligament injuries last a lifetime.

 ㄴEven if he says he will participate in a limited capacity, it’s better to focus on rehabilitation until he’s stable instead of receiving exemption and immediately resuming activities.

-He received medical opinions and wasn’t planning to dance fully again. What’s the issue?

-Seriously, don’t bring articles like this. It’s obvious you’re trying to stir up trouble.

-The doctors said it’s possible, but they’re still making a fuss about whether it’s okay or not.

-But I don’t think he’ll perform intense dances on stage, anyway…

– Even if it’s a sensitive matter, what’s the point of talking about it? He got injured last year and has already rested for a long time, and now he’s just received exemption. What more do they want?

-Did anyone ask him to come back and fly around on stage?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What nonsense is this? He’s been injured and in rehabilitation for months, and he hasn’t been active during that time.

-This is so ridiculous. It’s been several months since the injury, and he hasn’t been active at all during this time.

-People will make a fuss no matter what the situation isㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-They even got the opinion of medical professionals. What more do they want?

-They did say he’ll participate in a limited capacity, but there might be some negative reaction to him resuming immediately. As fans, we should accept that to some extent.

-So, what? Should he never be actively promoting again? He said he’ll only participate in what he’s capable of. What’s with the fuss?

-He’s been going on a hiatus for rehabilitation since August last year.

-They said he’ll be active within limits, so why the debate? Who said he’ll be flying around dancing on stage right after getting exempted from military service? It’s been over six months since he stopped activities.

-In our country, people are overly sensitive about military issues, so even if something is done openly, it still gets criticized…

– It’s like he’s being judged for going on stage right after getting hurt… He hasn’t been on stage for over six months! Besides, they said he’ll be active within his capabilities.

-Let’s just live our lives… People seem too interested in others’ bussiness. It’s creepy.