IN THE LOOP: ‘Blood Free,’ ‘Under the Gun,’ More New K-dramas to Watch This 2nd Week of April

April has just started, but exciting new K-dramas are set to premiere this second week of April. 

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From a variety of genres to interesting team-ups as well as top stars returning to the small screen, check out these 3 new K-dramas scheduled to broadcast from April 7 to 13. 

New K-drama: ‘Blood Free’
Airing: April 10

Blood Free
(Photo : Disney+)

Ju Ji Hoon is making his K-drama comeback with Han Hyo Joo as the duo headlines the sci-fi thriller K-drama “Blood Free.”

Directed by Park Chul Hwan, it tells the story of a biotechnology company known as BF Group that produces artificially cultured meat. 

Because of its unique component, it quickly becomes significant in the market. 

Viewers will get to see Han Hyo Joo play BF Group CEO Yoon Ja Yoo, who constantly faces life-threatening challenges. 

Due to this, she hired Woo Chae Woon, played by Ju Ji Hoon. A former elite soldier whose experience led him to enter the BF Group. 

According to the director, he wanted the set and the overall vibe to look as realistic as possible. 

“This is not very far ahead into the future, but a very near future, about one or two years from now. I think all I was trying to focus on was making it feel as realistic and grounded as possible.”

Meanwhile, the “Blood Free” release date is scheduled for April 10 via Disney+ and Hulu. 

New K-drama: ‘Under the Gun’
Release Date: April 12

Under the Gun
(Photo : Viki)

Helmed by Hong Chung Gi of “Love in Black Hole” and “Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident,” along with screenwriter Lee Hae Ri of “Never Give Up,” the upcoming romance youth K-drama “Under the Gun” stars SF9’s Zuho and “The Penthouse” actress Jo Soo Min. 

The K-pop star transforms into Go Gun, the son of a professional poker player who is facing a challenging situation after his family’s reputation was tainted by a controversy. 

In order to bring honor to their family, he decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and compete in the Korean Poker League.

This is where he and Cha Se Young, played by Jo Soo Min, met after he transferred to Go Gun’s school. 

“Under the Gun ” is slated to premiere on April 12, with a broadcast date every Friday via Viki. 

New K-drama: ‘Missing Crown Prince’
Release date: April 13

'Missing Crown Prince’ Poster
EXO Suho & Hong Ye Ji
(Photo : MBN Drama Official)

Last on the list of new K-dramas airing this second week of April is the historical series “Missing Crown Prince.”

Set during 1392-1894 under the Joseon Era, the new K-drama focuses on the story of Lee Gon, played by EXO’s Suho. 

As the kingdom falls into rebellion because of the king, Lee Gon ascends as the new crown prince. 

However, he was kidnapped by a woman named Choi Myung Yoon, who is destined to be his wife. 

Airing every Saturday and Sunday, the “Missing Crown Prince” release date is set for April 13 via MBN.