IN THE LOOP: Hwasa’s ‘I Love My Body,’ BTS V ‘Layover,’ More of This Week’s Hottest

It is only the second week of September, but the battle of solo artists is becoming more intense with these music releases and comebacks!

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IN THE LOOP: Hwasa's 'I Love My Body,' BTS V 'Layover,' More of This Week's Hottest

(Photo : V, BIBI, HWASA, KEY (Kpop Wiki))

Here Are Most Popular Releases & Comeback in 2nd Week of September:

Lee Chaeyeon – ‘LET’S DANCE’

On September 6th, the “New-Gen K-pop Diva” Lee Chaeyeon returned to the music industry with her first single album, “The Move: Street.”

The lead single, “LET’S DANCE,” is a dance track that combines the Moombahton and house genres. It aims to deliver a positive message to dance together anywhere.

This album was her first release after the success of her second mini-album, “Over the Moon,” thanks to the popularity of its title track, “KNOCK” released in April.

MAMAMOO HWASA – ‘I Love My Body’

Along with Chaeyeon, Hwasa also dropped her latest digital single, “I Love My Body,” on September 6.

It contains the powerful message to love and cherish one’s natural beauty and body that “don’t conform with the set beauty standards.”

Upon its release, the song topped the iTunes top song chart in eight countries, including Cambodia, Colombia, Hungary, Jordan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

It also entered the top 10 in 21 countries and the top 100 in 34 countries.

BIBI – ‘Hongdae R&B’

On the 7th, solo artist BIBI released the MV for her new song, “Hongdae R&B,” following her double singles, “Hangang Gongwon.”

The MV was filmed directly in Hongdae Alley, which was considered the “sacred” place for the MZ generation. The video started with BIBI having high dreams and hopes until she was drawn into the dark alley.

Aside from participating in the planning stage, the MV was also completed by putting BIBI’s autobiographical story.

BTS V – ‘Layover’

On September 13, BTS V dropped the music video for his song, “Blue.” In the MV, the icon is seen driving with anxious eyes and following him anxiously looking for someone.

Aside from the music video’s profound atmosphere thanks to its black-and-white cinematography, V’s passionate singing that emphasized his addictive low and deep tone made the release linger in viewers’ minds for a longer time.

On September 8, his first EP, “Layover,” was initially released along with the “Slow Dancing” MV. On August 10th and 11th, he also pre-released songs, “Love Me Again” and “Rainy Days,” respectively.

EXO D.O. – ‘I Do’

On September 8, EXO D.O. unveiled his pre-release song, “I Do,” ahead of his official comeback with his second mini-album, “Expectation,” on the 18th!

“I Do,” is an acoustic pop song that depicts a lovely scene on a night of meteor showers, hoping that the opponent will answer the same, wishing to be with the person next to him forever.

It garnered attention after it was revealed that the MV is an extension of the music video of D.O.’s “That’s Okay,” which was initially dropped in July 2019.

SHINee Key – ‘Good & Great’

On September 11, “All-Rounder Cheat Key” SHINee Key made his much-awaited solo comeback with his second mini-album, “Good & Great.”

Upon its release, it topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in 34 regions around the world, as well as the Yes24 daily major domestic album chart.

The title track with the same name is particularly drawing much attention from workers for evoking sympathy through its easy-to-follow melody and witty lyrics, such as, “I’m good, I’m great, I work, get paid // Thank God, all day, I love it, I’m epic,” and, “On days when I’m having a hard time // Again, believe that I’m chosen.”