IN THE LOOP: NCT Johnny-Haechan Face Backlash, NMIXX’s Stage Mishap, aespa’s ‘Armageddon,’ More Of K-pop’s Hottest!

Sometimes, it’s difficult to catch up in K-pop due to our life priorities, and that’s okay. But if you’re willing to return to the “loop,” then this is the right place for you, because we got you covered with the latest music releases and news in K-pop!

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Music Releases

‘Armageddon’ by aespa


‘Love, Always’ by Lee Boram




‘Taxi Blurr’ by Jay Park (feat. Natty of KISS OF LIFE)


‘Work’ by ATEEZ


‘Virtual Angel’ by ARTMS




‘Shooting Star’ by Kep1er


‘Hero’ by AKMU


Trending News

NCT Johnny, Haechan Accused Of Having Casual Relations With Fans + SM Entertainment Responds

SM Entertainment Denies NCT Johnny, Haechan Involvement in Prostitution & Drugs
(Photo : Johnny, Haechan (News1))

Johnny and Haechan are currently on hot waters after the two idols have been accused of allegedly sleeping with three Japanese women. The issue has since stirred the K-pop community and eventually garnered national coverage.

The issue also grabbed the attention of agency SM Entertainment, which released an official statement denying the circulating rumors against the two NCT members.

JYP Entertainment Confirms NMIXX’s University Stage Mishap Was ‘Planned’

JYPE Confirms NMIXX's Technical Difficulty Was Staged + Group Unaware Of Pre-Planned Gimmick
(Photo : Facebook: NMIXX)

NMIXX made headlines when they encountered a technical difficulty at the Shinhan University music festival. However, things got interesting when JYP Entertainment’s division SQU4D confirmed that the mistake was orchestrated for the purpose of elevating the mood.

The agency also added that NMIXX wasn’t informed of the gimmick beforehand.

CHECK OUT THE SCOOP HERE: JYPE Confirms NMIXX’s Technical Difficulty Was Staged + Group Unaware Of Pre-Planned Gimmick

iKON Bobby Flaunts New Buzz Cut, Idol Starts Mandatory Military Service

iKON Bobby Starts Military Service + Updates iKONICs With New Buzz Cut
(Photo : Twitter: @bobbyranika)

Bobby informed fans of the go-signal regarding his military service by uploading a photo showing him in his new buzz cut.

BIGBANG G-Dragon Appointed As Professor In KAIST

(Photo : Instagram)

According to the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) on June 5, G-Dragon was appointed as a visiting professor. Read more on the link below.

BTS RM Becomes 1st Korean Artist To Land 2 Separate Albums In Billboard 200’s Top 5

(Photo : Instagram)

RM’s newest solo album ‘Right Place, Wrong Person” debuted on the Top 200 Albums chart of Billboard 200. To know more about his achievement, click on the link below!

HYBE Releases Statement Regarding Court’s Favor Of Min Hee Jin

HYBE Responds To Court's Decision On Min Hee Jin's CEO Role In ADOR + Accepts Dismissal Of Voting Rights
(Photo : Twitter, Nate)

On May 30, K-Media reported that Min Hee Jin had won her injunction against HYBE. This was later reciprocated by the conglomerate, which addressed the court’s decision through an official statement.