IN THE LOOP: ‘Sweet Home 3,’ ‘Good Partner,’ More New K-Dramas To Tune In This Week

Netflix’s “Sweet Home 3,” SBS’ “Good Partner,” and more are the upcoming shows to tune in this second week of July.

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Several familiar faces are also meeting the viewer, such as Jang Nara, Nam Ji Hyun, Song Kang, Lee Do Hyun, Go Min Si, and more.

‘Good Partner’

Good Partner
(Photo : SBS’ Official Instagram)

Cast: Jang Nara, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Jun Han, P.O

Genre: Legal

Release: July 12

Broadcast Details: Friday & Saturday at 10 p.m. (KST)

Where to Watch: SBS, Viki

Jang Nara is back with another intriguing yet interesting drama.

“Partner” follows the humorous struggles of two divorce lawyers Cha Eun Kyung, a star lawyer for whom divorce is her calling, and Han Yu Ri, a newbie lawyer who is still new to divorce. 

Despite their different perspectives in life and in taking legal actions, the two will work together and will experience big changes in their lives. 


(Photo : U+mobiletv)

Cast: Park Ha Sun, Jo Yeo Jeong, Dex, Go Kyu Pil, Lee Joo Bin, Seo Ji Hoon, Kim Sung Tae, Oh Yoo Jin, Ham Eun Jung

Genre: Thriller, horror, suspense

Release: July 15

Broadcast Details: Monday & Tuesday 

Where to Watch: U+ Mobile TV

The drama “Tarot” unfolds as a series of seven horror episodes highlighting mysterious events that could be part of anyone’s everyday life, all centered around the theme of tarot cards. The plot begins when the main characters each receive different tarot cards, and find their destinies cursed by the twisted tarot cards. 

‘Sweet Home 3’

Sweet Home Season 3
(Photo : Netflix)

Cast: Song Kang, Lee Do Hyun, Go Min Si, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Jung Jinyoung, Yoo Oh Sung, Oh Jung Se, Kim Si Ah, Kim Moo Yeol

Genre: Action, fantasy, suspense

Release: July 19

Broadcast Details: all episodes to be released at 4 p.m. (KST)

Where to Watch: Netflix

The drama follows the story of a high school student who moves into a new apartment when monsters start breaking out among humanity and the apartment residents are trapped inside the place. 

Packed with more action and plots, “Sweet Home 3” will have the reunion of Cha Hyun Su and Lee Eun Hyuk. It will also portray the struggles of people caught between monsters and humans as the world shifts from monsterization to a new human era. 

Which of these K-dramas are you excited to watch? Share your thoughts/replies in the comments!