Industry Insiders and Fans Cast Doubt on YG’s Promise of BLACKPINK’s Future Group Activities 

In a recent announcement, YG revealed that BLACKPINK will release new albums and go on another tour

On December 6th, YG Entertainment announced that all four members of BLACKPINK have renewed their contracts with the company for group activities. Fans have been celebrating this news after the suspense they’ve been enduring for the past four months.

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According to YG, BLACKPINK is on track to release new albums and headline another large-scale tour. But, given the history of YG’s “empty promises”, many fans are casting doubt. 


The skepticism stems from BLACKPINK’s track record of only putting out 2 full albums and 5 mini-albums, totaling 33 Korean tracks throughout their career. 

This pales in comparison to the number of releases of even younger groups like TREASURE, aespa, NewJeans, and not to mention falling far short of other 3rd gen groups like BTS (218 songs) and TWICE (132 songs).

YG’s unusual scheduling for artists is also triggering concern. Fans have grown accustomed to a drought of music and content from BLACKPINK. Even when they release new albums, YG limits their appearances on music shows, variety shows, and year-end awards. Fans suspect that YG isn’t changing this approach anytime soon.


Not only fans, insiders in the entertainment industry are also expressing doubt about YG, including cultural critic Kim Do Heon. He suggests that these contract renewals usually run for 2-3 years. Considering each BLACKPINK member has become a standalone brand, actively pursuing solo activities, there’s a chance the group’s active period might be shortened. 

Another insider said, “Solo activities often cause division within idol groups. That’s why some companies hold back some members’ solo schedules. All members of BLACKPINK are doing their solo works. Even though YG has managed to ‘put out the fire’ for now, the future of BLACKPINK’s group activities remains uncertain.

Source: K14