INFINITE Sungkyu’s Teases ‘Mystery Friend‘ & Home Chronicles’ in ‘I Live Alone’ Ep— Here’s What He Spilled

INFINITE’s Kim Sungkyu is ready to invite fans into his personal space and daily life on MBC’s beloved reality show, “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”).

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The buzz surrounding this upcoming episode reached a fever pitch after the release of a tantalizing preview, leaving fans eager to uncover Sungkyu’s intriguing secrets.

INFINITE Sungkyu Gives Viewers an Inside Look into His World on Upcoming Show

The sneak peek, which aired on September 9, unveiled what’s in store for viewers in the next week’s episode, featuring the charismatic Sungkyu as a special guest.


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The preview promises an inside look into Sungkyu’s world, and it all kicks off with the INFINITE leader introducing himself to the show’s loyal viewers.

As the camera peeks into Sungkyu’s home, he unveils an unexpected interior design philosophy: simplicity.

He candidly shares that everything in his apartment is a gift, emphasizing that none of the items reflect his personal preferences.

This revelation immediately piques curiosity about the eclectic collection of gifts that adorn his living space.

Sungkyu’s commitment to well-being also takes center stage during the preview. He drops a bombshell by revealing the presence of a mini-sauna in his bedroom, citing its benefits for blood circulation and toxin removal.

This revelation adds a layer of intrigue to his daily health regimen, leaving fans wondering about the secrets behind his radiant health.

INFINITE Sungkyu’s “Mystery Friend” & Exhausting Workout Routine Revealed in Sneak Peek

The plot thickens as Sungkyu’s day unfolds. After a vigorous home workout, the K-pop sensation collapses on his sofa, underscoring the rigorous routine that keeps him at the top of his game.

You can watch it here:

However, the climax of the preview arrives when Sungkyu grapples with the challenge of disposing of a sizable piece of furniture.

Faced with this conundrum, he makes a mysterious phone call to a friend, setting off a flurry of speculations among fans.

The clip closes with a lingering question in the air, as Sungkyu asks his unidentified friend, “But by the way, when are you coming over?”

This enigmatic query has fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming episode to find out who this mystery friend is and what role they play in Sungkyu’s life.

Mark your calendars for September 15 at 11:10 p.m. KST, as Kim Sungkyu’s episode of “Home Alone” promises to unveil the captivating mysteries of his everyday life.

Until then, satiate your curiosity with the intriguing preview that’s left fans buzzing with excitement. (Sungkyu’s appearance in the video begins at 1:05.)