INFINITE Woohyun Gets Candid Over ‘WHITREE’ Album: ‘It’s a song I wrote based on…’

INFINITE Woohyun bared his soul in a recent interview, shedding light on his personal struggles and triumphant return with his first solo album, ‘WHITREE.’

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Unveiling a courageous battle with a rare form of cancer earlier this year, Woohyun shared how this journey shaped the heartfelt message behind his music.

INFINITE Woohyun Shares Insights on GIST Cancer Recovery & Musical Inspiration

The singer-songwriter candidly expressed, “During my recovery, I became more mature and healthier, reflecting on my thoughts. I want to give courage to others so they can think, ‘I can get back up too’.”


(Photo : Kukmin Ilbo News)

Despite undergoing a 10-hour surgery for gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), Woohyun’s resilient spirit saw him through, even as fans remained unaware during INFINITE’s recent milestones.

Pushing through a challenging recovery, Woohyun’s determination to return to his art and meet his fans fueled his swift rehabilitation. “The first people I wanted to see while I was sick were my fans,” he shared, emphasizing his motivation to bounce back swiftly.

Woohyun’s newfound strength and introspection found a home in his music. He poured his deepest emotions and genuine sentiments into the album ‘WHITREE,’ describing it as the culmination of his character.

The album, featuring 11 tracks including the title song “Baby Baby,” is a testament to his journey, reflecting warmth and resilience in its melodies.

INFINITE Woohyun Shares Intentions of Instilling Courage Through New Album ‘WHITREE’

Speaking of his attachment to the album’s tracks, Woohyun singled out “I Will Be Alright,” the seventh song, as a reflection of his tough battle with illness.

“It’s a song I wrote based on that experience,” he revealed, emphasizing its personal significance and depth of emotion.


(Photo : Kukmin Ilbo News)

As he prepares for the solo concert ‘Tree Day 3 – WHITREE,’ Woohyun hopes this album serves as a gift to his fans, urging them to embrace every track infused with his energy and passion.

His message resonates: “Let’s overcome hardships together and live healthily and happily for a long time.”

Woohyun’s journey with ‘WHITREE’ isn’t just about music; it’s a testament to resilience, hope, and the power of sharing one’s vulnerabilities to uplift others.