Influencer Nearly Died after 300 Plastic Surgeries but Vows to Keep Changing Her Face

A Chinese influencer has confessed to undergoing more than 300 plastic surgeries.

On September 10th, Chinese influencer Wu Xiaochen revealed that she started undergoing plastic surgery at the age of 14 at the urging of her mother and has undergone over 300 plastic surgeries since then, now at the age of 34.

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Wu Xiaochen

Wu Xiaochen is not only famous in China for her pretty looks but is also known for being selected as an outstanding student at the Beijing School of Fashion. She has reportedly spent a total of 4 million yuan (approximately $620,000) on plastic surgeries so far. What has particularly surprised netizens is that Wu Xiaochen has announced that she would continue to undergo plastic surgery every month.

Wu Xiaochen confessed that she once faced a life-threatening situation due to a failed plastic surgery on a TV program. She frequently suffered from local infections due to plastic surgery. After one surgery, she nearly lost her life due to vomiting blood. She said, “It was dangerous, but I still have to continue with plastic surgery because my beauty has no end,” making a shocking claim.

Wu Xiaochen

A debate has arisen among netizens over the recent release of unedited photos of Wu Xiaochen. Although Wu Xiaochen has received a lot of attention for her exceptional beauty, recent raw photos show that her facial features are not harmonious, and her skin tone is distant from being fair.
While she has been regarded as a typical success story of plastic surgery within China, many netizens have started to cast doubt on her appearance after the release of these photos.

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