Informant Released Video Of Jung Joon-young Clubbing In France

JTBC obtained a video from the informant who reported the news of Jung Joon-young in France. The video shows the male singer dancing with a woman and enjoying loud music at a club in Lyon, France. In particular, the two kept showing skinship moments while facing each other.

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The informant who filmed this video is learning Korean. Noticing that Jung Joon-young and his team were speaking Korean, he approached them to share pleasant talks. As someone in the group said, “He’s a famous singer in Korea”, the information finally realized that he was Jung Joon-young in the Burning Sun Scandal.

Later, the informant had a conversation with Jung Joon-young on social media, and the male singer introduced himself as “June from Boston”. He continued, “I’m a writer and composer”, adding “Gonna have a Korean restaurant in Lyon”.

After Jung Joon-young’s whereabouts in France became known to the public, he closed his social media account and sent the informant a message, saying “I was asking people to be friends but this is so disappointing”.

Despite worrying about netizens pouring violent words, the informant explained why they revealed the recent status of Jung Joon-young, saying “He hasn’t changed a thing”. They continued, “Five years in prison cannot change this person and I hate the fact that he still doesn’t have the intention of leaving the music industry”.

Jung Joon-young was released from prison earlier in March after serving five years of imprisonment for group rape and distributing illegal videos in 2016.