Following actor Roh Jeong-eui who said, “Disclosing one’s weight is one of the things I regret most in life,” Oh My Girl’s YooA shared her thoughts on weight by saying, “I’m not saying being thin is right.”

Roh Jeong-ui and YooA are celebrities who maintain the so-called ‘bone-thin’ or ‘bone skinny’ appearance. These stars have bodies so thin that their bones are visible. These days, not only them but many other stars attempt to maintain a skinny body, and the public has become accustomed to seeing these stars. In such a situation, Roh Jeong-ui and YooA attract attention by revealing their honest thoughts about their weight.

First, Roh Jeong-eui met with Xports News in an interview for the Netflix movie ‘Wilderness last February and said that she regrets revealing her body size of 165 cm and 39 kg. “I heard stories of friends who considered this something else rather than maintaining my health. I regretted it and felt sorry.” She then emphasized, “I hope that my friends these days don’t worry about me and that they are healthy both physically and mentally.”

In addition, Roh Jeong-ui said that she lost up to 39 kg through a healthy diet. She said, “I released [the story] on a short notice because I wanted to show the result of diligent diet management and exercise.” She added, “I eat well and exercise hard. I do this for 4 to 5 hours a day. I like to exercise my body, exercising relieves stress. It’s a nice way to relax.”

YooA, who is making a comeback after releasing her first single ‘Borderline’ on the 14th, also told a similar story in an interview with Xports News. She said that she went on a diet while preparing for her comeback, and that she does not consider ‘bone thinness’ a standard of beauty. However, she explained that she was just trying to change her image for the sake of matching the concept.

YooA honestly revealed her weight, saying, “No matter how much weight I lost, my cheek fat didn’t go away, so I worked really hard. I lost about 4kg. I weigh about 41kg, 42kg.”

She then pointed out, “I’m not saying that being thin is right. However, since the “bird” is symbolic of this concept, I thought that a thin and decadent image would go well with it to go beyond the boundaries and show an enterprising and bold image, so I directed it. I don’t think being thin is the standard for beauty,” she emphasized once again.

1. Who actually think that being 165cm and 39cm is healthy weight loss ㅠㅠ

2. She’s talking about people “worried” about her, meanwhile she’s also talking about “healthy” diet 

3. First of all, she probably is indeed healthier than the normal people if she works out 4-5 hours per day 

4. Wow I’m so envious ㅠㅠ Me too I want to lose that much weight. I can understand that being a celebrity is a job, but me too I want to weight that much ㅜ 

5. 165cm and 39kg????????????? That’s way too skinny ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ that’s the weight of a middle schooler 

6. She said that she realizes her influence and regrets revealing it, I hope people won’t swear at herㅠㅠ

7. You can’t compare yourselves with celebrities, they’re always in front of a camera and that’s their job, they have different standards than commoners. So it’s also useless to blame celebrities. Just know your own body and maintain it healthily 

8. But people don’t usually diet for “health” reasons though

9. Is this really achievable through “healthy” diet though? If you look at diets out there, you need to eat more meanwhile, exercising even more, so you’re telling me that she didn’t have to cut back on anything and was able to lose this much? Is this possible because she works out 4~5 hours per day? I’m already over after 1~2 hours of work out, and she’s fine after 4~5 hours of working out…?

10. Those people will cut down on all the food they eat, they only eat to survive, that’s why they’re able to lose weight. So it’s pointless for commoners to compare themselves with them in the first place