She’s the one getting the most hate comments from Le Sserafim

Meanwhile, she also has the most schedules.

The remaining members are probably all resting

But she’s doing MCing and has her YouTube show… (Eunchae’s Star Diary)

1. It must be so hard to stand in front of people when everyone is swearing at you..

2. So that’s why I’m not throwing a rock at her right now..

3. The hate has gotten even worse after she started Eunchae’s Star Diary

4. I wish her company would take her phone away… I know that they can’t but…

5. Because her schedule is so full, she keeps on putting out content and keeps on receiving hate comments. That’s why I just wish for Eunchae to stay strong…ㅜ

6. She already started receiving all sorts of hate since last year and it makes me realize that Eunchae is really this generation’s target;

7. I’m not saying her remarks weren’t problematic, but things are getting really intense lately. People are analyzing every single expression made by her as MC on Music Bank for an hour, treating her like she deserves all the hate 

8. I wish she’d apologize for her past comments… things have gotten so badㅠㅠ maybe because of Coachella too…

9. I wasn’t particularly a fan of Le Sserafim, but it’s really shocking how much they’re being criticized. An apology might help calm things down a bit… 

10. Seriously, if you hate her, then stop minding about her this much… stop sending her hate comments… I just pity her to death

11. Her expressions on Music Bank was so bad throughout all the show

12. I think that she needs to rest a bit so things can calm down