“It’s been really diluted these days, but K-pop’s original weapons were diversity and the group’s unique aura. There are songs that are performed in army style dancing while singing, but in the end, diversity is the weapon of K-pop. If you look at old groups, don’t you just see it? TVXQ, Big Bang, EXO, SHINee, Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, Kara, SISTAR, etc. There are no groups whose concepts and aura overlap, and although they tried various concepts, they clearly maintained the group’s aura. aespa, like those groups, is responsible for the diversity of K-pop. Easy to listen songs are popular these days, with nostalgic fashion, and relatable lyrics guarantee success and popularity, but in the end, they take away the fun of K-pop because it creates uniformity. Any one of the major groups must continue to try new things and maintain the group’s identity so that K-pop will be richer in the future. Honestly, if this group had come out with easy to listen songs, I think I would rather only listen to foreign pop, and with that level of visuals and talent, easy to listen songs would be a waste of talent.”

> F*cking agree 

“Why should aespa do easy to listen songs?

Please stop avoiding difficult songs and live a little”

1. They’re cool and I agree with the comment

2, I seriously agree 

3. Agree

4. I’m not a fan of aespa but I always listen to whatever they release.. aespa really has an unique tasteㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Agree, honestly that’s why I like SM

6. Me too I like aespa’s color 

7. Freaking agree. This is similar to Min Heejin’s comment during the press conference 

8. They’re cool 

9. Hul I agree so much 

10. I like that SM has its own distinctive colors