I’m not being a troll, but even for group activities, SM seems to only be investing in their boy groups, so her album is always getting pushed back. And it’s not the first or second time that the fans are annoyed by this 

I’ve never felt like the company is pushing her that hard whenever she releases a solo 

Even on Youtube, there’s nobody in the company who wants to do it, so she opened Taengoo TV by herself and was able to get over a million followers by herself. And she’s also the one shooting her own Vlog and hired her own editors to edit her videos

She has over 100K views on all her videos, but people are wondering whether she’s having contract issues with her company with how little they use her channel 

After a while, they made her an official YouTube account again, but they couldn’t even come up with anything like her self-content. Recently, fans sent me a truck, so they pretended to make a few content to shut them up. 

However, if you look closely at her self-content, they use no budget to create new content, but rather just takes out an additional camera when recording or filming, takes pictures of the same event, cut them up, and send them out.

And this doesn’t mean that the company is keeping that money to invest in her physical albums either. Even when filming the music video, I don’t feel like they spent a lot of money on the set. It feels like they don’t spend any money even compared to small or medium-sized companies

People who don’t know better always talk about “taste of a big company”, but I never once got the feeling that Taeyeon received support from a large company.

Taeyeon silently prepared for her album and her concerts and worked without much support from the company. But that alone made her one of SM’s most influential figures

At this point, it feels like the company is actually preventing Taeyeon to reach her maximum potential

I think Taeyeon would hit even bigger if she left SM and went to a small or medium-sized company that would promote her singing career

1. Sm is perfect for her though

2. Taeyeon… I feel like everyone can see the company pushing her, it’s just because you’re a fan that you think it’s still lacking 

> Me too… I feel like they push her so well already

3. Huh? I feel like they freaking push her, and that the album quality is always good…? I’ve fangirled on a small company’s idols so I know how it feels like. I know you still won’t be satisfied if she actually went for a smaller company 

4. Personally, I feel like if there should be anyone who should stay with SM, it would be Taeyeon 

5. SM is perfect for her. She can do whatever she wants in SM and if she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t have to do it 

6. It’s because SM understands who Taeyeon is the best that she stays there. Although I can’t totally agree that she’s being pushed that well in SM 

7. I’m not a fan, so I wouldn’t be able to tell but first of all, I feel like her INVU MV was super well-done 

8. She gets pushed just fine ㅋㅋㅋㅋ And it’s a way wiser choice for Taeyeon to stay with SM 

9. She doesn’t get pushed at all ㅋㅋㅋ What push?

10. She doesn’t get pushed that well though? A company that pushes you well will at least start sending you to international tours