They changed their official debut to this year but they already won the Rookie Award last year so it just got weird

1. They already debuted last year and received an award openly so if they start going like “actually, this year was our debut~” then you could even win the Rookie Award 10 years into your career

2. But isn’t ILLIT gonna win?

3. Last year they received it but their results were bad so they said that this was their real debut. It makes me wonder why they did that

4. ILLIT will win. I like Baemon and would like them to win but their results are disappointing ㅠㅠ

5. Ah so Baemon debuted last year

6. They said that this year was their official debutㅋㅋㅋ if they debuted last year, they would’ve at least won the female Rookie Award but now that now that ILLIT is doing so well, they are in an ambiguous spot

7. Didn’t they debut in August last year? Or October?

8. Batter Up was released last November so they would still be considered in the lineup for the Rookie of the Year this year so who cares?

9. Anyways, they debuted at the end of last year so it wouldn’t be weird if they were included this year. No need to worry~

10. So you can win best Rookie for 2 years in a row? Interesting