Writer Kim Eunsook seems to focus more on male characters, so even though the male characters get a lot of attention, the female characters don’t seem to shine as much (except for female-led shows like The Glory)

On the other hand, writer Park Jieun is the best at highlighting female characters, even in rom-coms, and guarantees box office success, but the quality of her works is…

If you’re a fan of female characters, which writer would you prefer?

(T/n: for reference, Kim Eunsook wrote dramas like Descendants of the Sun,The Glory, Secret Garden, Mr. Sunshine, The Heirs, etc.

and Park Jieun wrote dramas like Queen Of Tears, Crash Landing on You, The Legend of the Blue Sea, My Love From the Star, The Producers, etc.)

1. Kim Eunsook’s dramas

2. If you’re a girl, then Park Jieun’s dramas

3. Obviously Eunsook’ dramas

4. Whether it’s male or female lead, it has to be Kim Eunsook

5. For female leads, it’s straight up Park Jieun

6. Straight up Kim Eunsook. She has that cinematic quality

7. I think that it’s Kim Eunsook even for female leads

8. But no matter how well Park Jieun writes, she’ll always be labeled as a plagiarist, so I’d go with Kim Eunsook. But, if it were up to my personal preference, I’d choose Park Hyeryun’s works for female actresses, even though she’s not listed here

9. Of course it’s Kim Eunsook since I hate plagiarism. Also, I don’t know if Kim Eunsook focuses more on male leads. Even if the main couples are boring, I never felt like her female characters were more lacking than her male characters

10. It has to be Kim Eunsook. And if you consider the villain’s role, she’s even more deserving