“I know that the person on the video was a directed actor, but there are countless comments on it all relating to the video and saying stuff like “how can husbands not see it?” “So my husband isn’t the only one who does it” …ㅠ”

1. Wow for real this is our dad… Even if you tell him, he will not get it 

2. Our dad…ㅎㅎ

3. I freaking hate this 

4. Do people like them want a maid to get married to?

5. Ah this freaking disgusts me, because of my dad, my mom suffered so much, just watching this makes my blood boil … 

6. Hul seriously so there are so many people like that… 

7. The fact that there are so many people like this in real life annoys me so much 

8. Our dad… The fact that human beings can be like this is pathetic 

9. It’s the same in my family… I can’t help but sigh 

10. I just feel like they lack sense and tact. I just feel like they’ve never done any chores their entire life in a house