Around the weekend, the full press conference done by Min Heejin was uploaded in English and after that, a lot of people started understanding the full extent of the situation and started uploading TikToks and Tweets 

People corrected their opinion about the whole ILLIT copying NewJeans’ opinion and also realized that it’s not just about some childish “ILLIT copied NewJeans because they wore hanbok” deal 

In fact, the reason why public opinion is starting to change and correct itself overseas like this is because it is true that Bang Sihyuk ignored New Jeans’ greetings several times, Hybe cannot even deny it, and the fact that Dispatch confirmed it through CCTV is spreading quickly, making overseas K-pop sensitive to such things. A lot of fan reactions were divided still 

1. What a relief 

2. Finally, good quality translations… 

3. But I feel like there’s still need to be more clarification to do ..? I hope that people keeps unfolding the events for them 

4. That video was well-made. It starts with the fact that Min Heejin believes it’s not the kids’ fault and this is the focus. Also it explained the plagiarism issue well..


5. The video pointed out the core issue 

6. I remember “some” fans translated it wrong at first and spread it around 

7. And the opinion also swayed a lot after foreigners pointed out that the executives were made out of mostly men and that Min Heejin was the only woman. Sometimes, you can see the situation just by looking at the fact right? And most KPOP fans are women on top of it 

8. A relief that the video was well made

9. I’m curious about international fans’ reactions to Bang Sihyuk asking whether Min Heejin could trample over aespa?

10. Wow but they really stole so many of the choreographies