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Is it true that their height affect viewers ability to immerse themselves in the story?

1. It’s so important for romance projects. I was watching a recent drama and I could barely tell the height and body built difference between the leads and wasn’t able to immerse myself in the story at all

2. But I also cannot immerse myself when the height difference is too big. I think that a reasonable height difference is good

3. I think that it’s important. I was watching a romance drama and thought “oh….?” when I barely saw any physical difference with the female lead. It just broke the immersion for me

4. I can only watch romantic comedies if the male lead is above high 170’s cm tall

5. It’s indeed bad when they are too short

6. I think it’s the case for romance. For everything else, it’s not that important

7. It’s a must for romance….

8. Their physique is super important

9. ㅇㅇ they need some physical gap for me to see chemistry

10. Of course it’s important. If they are too short, there’s some limits to their role…