In conclusion, it didn’t look like much fun.

Han Sohee was more invested in her phone than the food.

Ryu Junyeol was eating without saying a word.

‘Dispatch’ got on a plane to Hawaii, but everything happened in a hurry.

This is fun -> It’s not a transit love -> I’m sorry -> We are starting now -> Etc. A lot of things have happened

Dispatch caught the couple on their first date (on the 16th), just a day after they made their relationship official.

It wasn’t the sight we expected.
Han Sohee looked at her cell phone and scanned the public eye.
Ryu Jun-eol also looked at Han Sohee wordlessly.

In short, it didn’t look like fun at all.
Han Sohee walked in Hawaii, looking at the ground.
Ryu Junyeol walked while looking afar.

While we were in Hawaii confirmed Ryu Junyeol and Han Sohee’s first date, we were in Korea covering Ryu Junyeol and Hyeri’s last meeting.

As ‘Dispatch’ found out, the two have been estranged since June of last year – in fact, Ryu Junyeol didn’t even attend Hyeri’s birthday.

A (very close) confidant of the two told ‘Dispatch’.

“They don’t usually share about their dating life. However, you can feel it (even if they don’t talk about it). They used to contact each other frequently… But the time spent looking at the phone gradually decreased. And then, Ryu Junyeol didn’t come to Hyeri’s birthday party. Everyone sensed that something was off.”

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1. Dispatch is really impressive too. Can they just leave the two alone? Sigh..

2. Did I do something bad enough to do this?

3. This is sad….. I wish everyone happiness

4. Wow so Dispatch followed them right away after they admitted to the relationship?

5. So in the end, it wasn’t transit love so.. I think that we need an article just stating the facts

6. It was early November when they decided to break up for real. It was the end of seven years of love. That was from the Dispatch article.

> Yup so it wasn’t transit love

7. No but why even follow them overseas?…

8. Dispatch is disgusting

9. I hope that they have a pretty relationship

10. They are honestly pitiful