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Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

This is an announcement regarding SF9’s activities.

SF9 debuted in 2016 and has been an artist for us for seven years. Their first contracts expired on September 18.

SF9 plans to make another leap forward as artists as an eight member group, excluding Rowoon. The members have renewed their contracts with the company.

Rowoon will focus on his acting and other personal activities.

Rowoon will always remain the ninth member of SF9 and the rest of the members will support each other and do their best in their own ways so that they can show a good performance to the fans.

Please give both SF9 and Rowoon lots of support and interest.

Thank you.

Cr. Koreaboo
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1. Just say you withdrew him 
2. Finally they released an official statement ㅋ
3. So they withdrew him. Their renewal is uncertain but this isn’t a disbandment… Is basically what they’re tryin to say 
4. Just withdraw him cleanly so we don’t have to get fake hopes in teh future 
5. I knew this would happen ㅋㅋ Just say you withdrew him; 
6. The fans must be in such a frustrating state. The company looks like they’re desperately trying to still include him in their package deal 
7. Not shocked 
8. What are they saying “nith member”? He’s not promoting anymomore but he didn’t withdraw?
9. So he’s not gonna promote and he’s not gonna withdraw
10. Finally 🥰