Based on Sept 17th 2023

1. Ravi – 238 songs

2. RM – 217 songs

3. G-dragon – 175 songs

4. Young K – 173 songs

5. Zico – 171 songs

6. Suga + Yong Junhyung – 168 songs

7. Jooheon – 164 songs

I wonder how much they earn just from those copyrights….

Can they just pass me 20,000 won to order some chicken…

1. But this also depends on how many hit songs you had no??

2. BTS members also have foreign copyrights so their copyright revenue must be freaking solid. Just with the US, they probably receive 10x what they receive in Korea

3. YoungK is #4 with only 8 years of promotions..? 

4. Heony is commendable 💛

5. YoungK is so cool 

6. The first one freaking pisses me off ㅋㅋ…ㅎ He should’ve just focused on working hard with his songs 

7. GD did this in 22 years ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

8. I feel like half of those songs that GD wrote were hit songs 

9. I wonder what songs Yong Junhyung wrote?

> He was in charge of most of Highlight’s titles no..?

10. I wonder how much you can earn from copyrights alone