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“Pleasant hill” –> “Uncanny valley” 

“Where is this?” “A very pleasant mountain”
original post: here
1. I hope their heads aren’t gonna turn on itself at night right? ㄷㄷ
> Aarrrghhhh!!!! ㅜㅜ
2. They’re humans… 
3. They’re so creepy, how do they do that?
4. They look so human 
5. They strangely look more like humans trying to look like dolls?
6. They said that the Realdolls are made a bit smaller than normal humans, they look like Chinese people trying to look like dolls 
7. Only the last one actually looks like a doll
8. Ah seriously I feel like they’re starring at me ㅠㅠ 
9. They’re really not humans?? Aigo 
10. Aside from the last one, they all look human..