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1. So what is he going to do? Is he withdrawing or what?

2. How can I put this.. It feels like he forgot my name… But I still wished him to call my name one last tiem… ㅜㅜ

3. What shocks me is that Rowoon is only 27 y’o, he’s younger than I thought 

4. It feels like he’s already moving on. He feels both sorry and thankful, I’ll support your new side now 

5. That’s right… Just go, and go promte as actor Kim Seokwoo 

It feels like he has no sincerity in this letter.. And his lingering feelings are already all gone. AS expected this relationship was only one-sided

6. ㅋㅋㅋ He knows it damn well himself 

7. If you’re withdrawing just say you withdrew, if not, just say it’s not, what’s with this.. 

8. The letter seems like he wrote it trying to protect himself as much as he can… What is he going to do about the fans’ hurting ..ㅠ

9. He’s not even talking about Fantasy but just about “his fans”, it’s kinda sad

10. Seriously it feels like he already moved on, it’s sad..