Lastly, I finished the third season of Single’s Inferno 3 and apologize to many viewers who may have felt bad because of me. In certain situations and interviews, there was a lot of looseness in my speech when it comes to expressing my feelings. Even after watching the broadcast at the time, I had deep regret and reflection on my statement. In a situation where I was physically extreme limits, I was unable to control my mind maturely.

I personally contacted the people involved at the time and after the broadcast and expressed my sincere apologies. Thankfully, they were more concerned about me and let me know my feelings. However, no matter how Si Eun and Minwoo felt and accepted, it was a blatant mistake of mine that has no excuse.

Also, whatever my sincerity and situation was, I feel sorry for the many fans who loved Si-eun and Min-woo be and to the viewers who loved my solo performance, I once again post a deep apology. I will try to look back on myself, reflect deeply and use it as an opportunity to grow into a better person and become a more mature person.



1. I don’t think it was that bad that she had to release an apology, but had she not released one, she’ll keep receiving hate comments 

2. What happened?
> She said “Even if he liked me, I won’t go for him” regarding a male contestant in an interview, and it got spread everywhere especially on Instagram 

3. Gasp, I don’t think she had to apologize… Just imagine how much she read the comments 

4. It’s better that she apologizes, in before her image becomes even worse

5. It’s true that she was rude and that the viewers felt uncomfortable watching her, but she apologized to the 3rd parties directly and I don’t think that we should interfere with the 3rd parties ourselves, I can’t understand everything she’s trying to say, but I hope she becomes more mature in the future

6. But there are people on other dating shows who have made just as questionable comments she did ㅋㅋ

7. It’s better that she tries to resolve it; Otherwise people will ask her until the end ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Ah looks like a lot of people left hate comments 

9. Honestly her comment was so rude towards the other participants, it’s nice that she cleanly apologized to resolve this 

10. No matter how much you claim that this was just a show, it’s better for her to apologize. The fact that she said “even if he’s interested, I won’t take it” was insulting to his character. It’s good that she apologized