t/n: the whole point of the show is to try to cancel (narak) the celebrity on the show with hot takes questions but Knets are realizing that most questions are borderline distatsteful 

Q: Choose the movement you dislike the most among the following: 

1. The March 1st movement 

2. The BLM movement 

3. The worker’s rights movement 

4. The women rights movement 

Yoo Taeyang’s episode 

Q: Who is the member who is the least needed for 2NE1’s sucess

1. Park Bom

2. Minzy

3. Sandara 

4. CL 

Daesung’s episode

Q: Pick the person who is way too successful compared to their actual skills 

1. Son Heungmin 

2. RM 

3. Jay Park 

4. Seventeen 

Psick Univ’s episode

1. Wow the 1st one is crazy 

2. I wonder who are the kids who find this funny or think that this is comedy, this really shows how low their intelligence is

3. The 2nd and 3rd questions are just vile, meanwhile the 1st one just makes you go ??

4. Do they think that this is the trend…ㅋ I’m definitely not watching this show 

5. Rather than “cancelling questions” it’s more like questions the editor of the show is dying to know 

6. And if they answer, the fans of those people will shield them claiming “this is the whole point of the show, that they get cancelled” ㅋㅋㅋ

7. Seriously do people who say yes to going on that show want to get cancelled that badly?

8. The 1st question is really ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Look at their level. They must be giggling among them. It sounds like those male classmates conversations

9. Ah… #1 is just wrong…

10. It’s not even funny, it’s just baffling