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There’s no such thing as getting plastic surgery just once. 

Even if someone doesn’t want more, they’ll need to fix the areas again to maintain the look or because of side effectsㅇㅇ

Once you get plastic surgery, you lose the hesitation to get other procedures like fillers or Botox. But you know those aren’t exactly safe either right?

It’s a vicious cycle, and you can quickly become reliant on plastic surgery clinics. The benefit? Looking good for a few years while you’re young? That’s all.

For special professions like celebrities or influencers where their image directly impacts their income, it makes sense. 

But ordinary people don’t need to mess with their faces. They are getting fooled by marketing

1. I had double eyelid surgery three times over 10 years, and honestly, it did improve my appearance, so I don’t regret it… But sometimes I do wonder what my face would look like at my age now if I hadn’t done it.

2. I’m satisfied because it turned out well for me~~As long as you don’t go overboard and do it for the right reasons, it’s fine.. It’s funny how people always have something to say about it

3. But for people who are ugly, getting plastic surgery to look better might make them prettier. Reading the comments, I get what they’re saying. However, people who already have nice, natural features usually end up ruining their looks with surgery, for real

4. It’s true that the first time is the hardest but after that, it’s easy to keep going back. My friend had her eyes done, then wanted to fix her nose, and after that, she started getting botox. She used to have a cute face but… I don’t say it to her, but I feel bad for her

5. I think the obsession with appearance is more problematic than getting surgery itself

6. I don’t agree with the idea that not doing it is the best, but the advice to avoid surgery when you’re just feeling a bit dissatisfied, and only consider it if you have a serious complex and can’t stand it seems right

7. I just fixed my eyes and have been living well~

8. Ah I wanna get my eyelids done…

9. Oh you’re right. The kids who start getting surgery usually don’t hesitate to get more work done later on. Same for non surgical procedures…

10. Are braces considered surgery too?