“SoYu who debuted under a girl group, the secret of becoming a building owner at 26”

“ChoA, owns an apartment with the Hangang park view to a camping car … Is she this wealthy?”

“KARA’s Han Seungyeon, owner of a 15 billion won Cheongdam-dong building… And a house in Samsung-dong worth 16 billion won”

“Goo Hara, Turns out she owns a building in Gangnam worth 3 billion won… “The queen of investments among idols”

“T-ara Jiyeon <3 Hwang Jaegyun newlyweds’ house, the listing price alone was 37 billion won”

“Jewelry’s Seo Inyoung, a new bride at 40 y’o… Marries a non-celebrity businessman/entrepreneur in February”

“9Muses’ Hyuna, marries a businessman”

“Sistar’s Dasom, From her visuals to being a building owner…Purchased a 3 billion won building recently”

“Han Areum who debuted under T-ara, marries commoner businessman next year… “the person who held me””

“Hyomin, Hwang Eui Jo, long distance dating… The birth of a older-younger couple”

“Yang Yena’s side, hard to confirm the private life matters about dating rumors with Seol Young Woo”

“Soccer star Lee Kangin, fresh date with April’s Lee Naeun”

1. But these are all people who kinda blew up to a certain degree

2. But these are all people we’ve heard the names at least once..

3. What does dating someone have to do with thisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. They’re all people we know though..

5. But there are also a bunch of idols who just became commoners after disbanding too 

6. Nobody is worrying about groups like AOA, Kara, T-ara and Jewelry though 

7. But even without their relationships, these are celebrities who’ve been successful by themselves

8. But those are the 1% of the people who debuted

9. And this is just a portion of those who succeeded

10. These are all successful idols though