“The vanilla girl taking over SNS this Winter”

Imagine this now. Outside, a cold wind is blowing and a blizzard is blowing. We are in a cozy home. The interior of the room is decorated in ivory tones.

Opinions about it:

1. The only people objectified as vanilla girls are white people, causing white envy. Vanilla is said to be a slang term for white people.

2. White people always take things that are already super common in East Asia and pick and choose to make it as if white people are the ones starting the trends. It is said that it has been a long time since white people took the culture of other people of color and made it a trend

anyways, that’s the trend

1. It’s pretty 

2. It’s giving Pinterest vibe 

3. This trend has already passed, we’re entering the mob wife era

4. It’s like our country’s “beige girl”

5. This kind of style is already so common though?

6. This passed already no? I feel like I’ve seen it last Winter 

7. Yeah, me too I dress like that 

8. As a cool tone, I’m crying 

9. It’s pretty 

10. This trend already passed in 2021-2022