– I’m getting a bit stressed lately…

– I try to work hard on the things I’m doing

– But I can’t do anything… You know?? ㅜㅜ

Her solo is coming out soon, I wonder what happened?

1. Nobody knows what she’s referring to but.. I hope that Wendy gets to release the solo she wants

2. How can things always work out… There are times when things work out in the direction you want, and there are times when you get upset because things don’t go as well as you wanted.

I think Wendy just told her fans because she wanted them to console her upset feelings, but is there really a need to bring in the screenshots and ask if there was a problem?

3. There are so many issues in this world and celebrities are always expected to show the results they want, of course they’ll be worried about it… I think it’s rather superficial to be curious about what she means here

4. She’ll probably release a freaking good quality solo. It’s obvious that she’ll be stressed when her solo is about to drop because of all the eyes on her, but her album in the past was freaking good

5. Don’t expose things from Bubble..

6. Of course fans will be worried if she talks like that 

7. I just hope she’s happy 

8. Do people never get stressed…? Everyone gets stressed every single day ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. She said after this that she will make it through this. I will support Wendy no matter what happens

10. Isn’t it way better that she shares her feelings like that? If she didn’t say anything and was having a hard time on her own, it would be even more sad